Future Fins - Solus, Black Stix 2.0

Front Fins:

Height:     4.62    in,        11.73    cm
Base:       4.40    in,        11.18    cm
Area:      15.21    sq in,    98.13    sq cm


Rear Fin:

Height:     4.71    in,        11.96    cm
Base:       3.38    in,        8.59    cm
Area:      13.00    sq in,    83.87    sq cm

    The Solus is designed with a literal twist, increasing the angle of cant and tow from base to tip, while a Carbon/Texalium structure gives the fin a progressive flex. The Solus drives and holds no matter where you throw your board, and will enable you to do crisp fluid rail to rail transitions and tight arcing turns without losing speed. A large laidback template for drive off the bottom and wrapping cutbacks. 

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