Future Fins - SA4 - Simon Anderson, Hex Blue

Outline: Simon Anderson

Front Fins: FSA4

Height: 4.63 in,      11.80 cm
Base:    4.51 in,      11.50 cm
Area:   15.80 sq in, 40.10 sq cm

Rear Fins: FSA4 Quad Rear

Height: 4.36 in,      11.10 cm
Base:    4.14 in,      10.50 cm
Area:   13.24 sq in, 33.60 sq cm

Base Depth: 1/2 in. only

A template designed for surfers looking for hold and power in the large weight range. The large base allows you to create your own speed while the large tip helps you stay on rail. Riding the quad rears instead of the center fin will add drive and hold.

Usually ships in 2-3 business days 

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