Famous - Surf Wax

Famous Surf wax combines the elements of supreme tackiness, beady texture and a UV inhibitor which insures that you get long lasting tackiness under any conditions. Famous has spent years of research and development all over the world with some of the top names in surfing to create these amazing wax super formulas.

Famous Surf Wax is made with the highest grade refined waxes and newest additives available to ensure today's surfer with the longest lasting best performance wax available. Famous Wax is made exclusively in the USA.

Cold: 60-Below F, 15-Below C
Cool: 60-68 F, 14-19 C
Warm: 68-78 F, 20-26 C
Tropical: 78-Above F, 26-Above C
Basecoat: All Temps 

Usually ships in 2-3 business days 

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