Future Fins - EA Quad, Glass Smoke

Front Height: 4.42" Base: 4.38" 2D Area: 14.5"
Rear  Height: 3.95" Base: 4.00" 2D Area: 12.4"

This is a high performance quad package for power surfing.  Flat sided foils on both the front driving fins as well as the trailers give the rider the hold and drive needed when conditions begin to get heavy and the water starts really moving.  A very stable ride and just the right amount of release.  The set up is a must in every surfer's serious quad arsenal.
"This set will hold when you need it most...I use it on all my performance quads" - ERIC ARAKAWA

Available Materials: Fiberglass

Available Colors: blue, clear, smoke
Usually ships in 2-3 business days 

Collections: Fins

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